ALKA-V6™ is an antioxidant mineral supplement of Modified Liquid Silicate. Silicon or Silica is an “Essential Trace Mineral” known for bone and joint health, naturally produced within the body, and believed to diminish as we age. Toxicity tests and skin corrosion tests confirm that it is completely safe. Plus, there have been no reported adverse effects over the past 7 years.ALKA-V6™ is water soluble and easily absorbed.

ALKA-V6™ has many effects, including protection against cancer cells that thrive in a low oxygen environment. Because of the exceptional alkalinity provided by the formula, it also promotes "perfect PH balance" to overcome the unhealthy acidic conditions within the body which are believed to be associated with many diseases.

Research studies have linked many degenerative health conditions to acidic conditions and the body’s pH (acid-alkaline balance) is the first major line of defense against sickness, disease, and aging.

ALKA-V6™ is the Highest Known pH Boosting Supplement in the Nutrition Industry! ALKA-V6™ is very high in alkalinity with a pH of 13.7.

And because of the exceptional alkalinity provided by the proprietary formula, ALKA-V6™ helps restore the body to optimum pH balance, which boosts the immune system as it attacks disease. ALKA-V6™ provides safe high alkaline at cellular and tissue levels, promoting optimal health.

Properties of Alka V-6

ALKA-V6™ has been widely researched and tested by independent laboratories as well as major research universities. These recent findings are significant. (For a more complete listing of research findings, see the Research tab.)

A study conducted by University scientists showed that even at very low concentration ALKA-V6 was able to completely kill colon cancer cells by inducing apoptosis (programed cell death) in 24-48 hours!

A recently concluded University Study showed that ALKA-V6 boosts the immune system by increasing cellular Nitric Oxide levels.

In a recent University Study ALKA-V6 was shown to significantly reduce harmful free radical damage by dramatically increasing levels of important antioxidants like glutathione, catalase, and SOD in different cells. Glutathione is the most powerful naturally-occurring antioxidant in the body, and few natural compounds have shown the ability to increase glutathione. It prevents conditions that lead to disease, including Cancer, Cataracts, and HIV. 

ALKA-V6 was effective in reducing the ability of HIV virus to assemble and replicate, according to University Scientists testing the Anti-HIV effects of ALKA-V6 in the laboratory.

Ingredients in ALKA-V6 have recently been shown to be very important in promoting calcium deposition, increase bone density and bone strength.

Bioactive components in ALKA-V6 can increase joint mobility, strength and promote healing.

University Scientists have shown ALKA-V6 was extremely effective in reducing different types of mutations in DNA caused by harmful toxins even at very low doses. Harmful mutations can lead to deadly diseases such as cancer and diabetes.